Dry Contact Switch Module-3S5A


The dry contact switch Module can support up to 4 dry contact signal inputs, 4 LED indicators, and 3 local switch controls. It can be used in conjunction with products that can output dry contact signals, such as ordinary mechanical switches, switch panels, SOS equipment, card power supply equipment, gas alarm equipment, door and window magnetic springs, combined with gateways, APP configuration, and alarm reporting ,local control and scene mode functions.

  • The device can support up to 4 dry contact signal inputs and support 4 channels of LED indicator output.
  • Support 12V power supply modes / support 2 local relay
  • Advanced Broadband PLC technology, no need for independent wiring, easy to use
  • Standard 86mm mounting box embedded installation, easy to install and use
  • Operation Voltage: 100-240V~ 50/60Hz
  • Rated Current: 5A(single)
  • Power Consumption: < 0.5W
  • Maximum number of control channels: 3
  • Communication: Power Line Communication (PLC)
  • Operation Temperature: -10°C~55°C
  • Operation Humidity: 10%RH~85%RH
  • Dimension: 62.5*59*24.5mm

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