Curtain Control Module


The Curtain control module can control the on, off, and pause of the motor, and has a blocked stop function, a power-off stroke memory function, and a touch start function. It can be added to the Vega smart home system and used with VEGA’s curtain controller.

  • Pull start function
  • Blocked stop function
  • Centralized remote control
  • Timing control
  • Power off – Manual Function
  • Electronic memory limit
  • Automatic adjustment of luminance
  • Operating speed: 12 cm / s
  • Maximum load: 50 Kg
  • Operating noise: less than 35 dB
  • Rated voltage: 110V/220V
  • Rated power: 72 W
  • IP rating: IP 20
  • Curtain width: 6 meters

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