About VEGA

VEGA Integration is a international startup company established on 2016 and is primarily engaged in smart IoT products and communication technology integration. The company is committed to provide cost-effective, robust and reliable wired and wireless network systems, smart IoT products including terminals and information services. The company offers complete hardware and software platform for quick product deployment.


VEGA Integration has accumulated more than 20 years of multinational research and development experience in the field of PLC and RF communication technologies. Stable and reliable product operations are guaranteed to run for over ten years under power industry standards. Global sales of related smart grid products have reached to more than 200 million units.


Provides international ODM and IP technology licensing of integrated products in the field of IoT’s, smart grid and smart power metering applications. Including green energy saving, smart home and smart building applications.


Primary objective is to deliver a highly innovative network technology platform that not only simplifies but also makes the installation faster and efficient resulting to a significant reduction in overall costs.

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