Switch Panel


Switch Panel is equipped with tempered glass, surrounding with metal frames and touch buttons which all help to improve and increase user experience. Smart switch can integrate ordinary lamps into VEGA intelligent system to achieve local, remote and situational mode control of lights.

  • Local capacitive touch button control
  • Support Broadband PLC communication.
  • Status synchronization
  • Single load up to 1KW
  • Luminous indicator
  • Remote update
  • Operation Voltage: 100-240V~
  • Operation Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Standby mode power consumption: less than 0.5W
  • Control Channel Number:1/2/3 channel
  • Load Type:Incandescent, Fluorescent, LED, Energy-saving lamps, etc.
  • Load Current:Less than 5A/single channel (1 button/2 buttons)
  • Less than 1A/single channel (3 buttons)
  • Communication: Power Line Carrier (PLC)
  • Environment Temperature: -10℃~55℃
  • Environment Humidity:10%RH~85%RH

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